Young Galaxy – Stay For Real

WEIT <3 Montreal! Enbart en duo som Young Galaxy får mig att vilja flytta till Kanada. Montreal verkar vara plantskola för intressanta elektroniska duos: Gold Zebra, Blue Hawaii, Ambrose och Liz & László, för att nämna några, hör också hemma där. Men det här inlägget handlar om Young Galaxys senaste singelsläpp. Med ”Stay For Real” går Stephen Ramsay och Catherine McCandless in i en ny fas med Young Galaxy. Med anledning av den senaste tidens utveckling i världen kände bandet att de inte bara kan stå passivt vid sidan om och se på längre. Alla intäkter från den nya singeln går därför till kampen för att hjälpa utsatta grupper i samhället.

In light of recent global events, from the refugee and U.S. election crises to the passing of many musical and cultural totems, Montreal band Young Galaxy have released a new track, “Stay For Real”, premiered on Gorilla vs Bear. This release marks the end of an era for the band, who are releasing the track independently.

On the new single the band says, “We can no longer stand idly by and rely only on the people who shape the world for us culturally and politically. We must stay true to ourselves and feel the courage of our convictions in the face of polarizing political and personal views. But most of all, we must show empathy, compassion and love – even when faced with increasing existential threats, and fear and hostility. This song is a statement of intent, as we enter a new era, to hopefully serve as a reminder to ourselves of what our responsibilities are as artists in this troubled time.”

By moving forward independently, Young Galaxy note that their personal and creative choices are inherently political. In light of this, Young Galaxy is proud to be able to partner with Plus1 so all net proceeds from the sale of the song go to defending the rights of the marginalized through PIVOT (Canada), ACLU (USA), and W.A.V.E (EU).


”Stay For Real” släpptes 7 mars 2017 i samarbete med Plus1